When office managers in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond consider the value of buying NEW office furniture or used / refurbished business furnishings, the better choice is new.

Why? Because the newest office furniture has better durability, selection, and availability, it is a better investment overall than used.  In fact, 1 Source offers new benching systems that are very affordable and fully customizable for growing businesses throughout the United States.

In fact, the owners of 1 Source Office Furniture sell only new office furnishings so their clients can add to existing furnishings easily when they expand the business.

new office furniture maryland

Photo credit: Coyle Studios

“With new benching systems furniture or workstations, everything is fully customized to the space, including panel height, work surfaces, and the amount of privacy or openness,” says Laurie Rosen, VP of 1 Source Office Furniture. “That means the client gets exactly what is best for the space and can accommodate the workforce for the long term.  We find that business owners in Maryland prefer the contemporary, fresh look of new office furniture.”

In addition, when CEOs are shopping for new office furniture in Maryland, they get the full advantage of buying from a qualified dealer such as 1 Source Office.

The advantages include:

  • Factory warranties on products
  • Hassle-free warehousing, delivery and installation
  • Free space planning
  • Wide variety of products

1 Source owner Marc Rosen also points out that new benching systems can typically be reconfigured or expanded when owners move into a new office. By contrast, used panel systems are difficult to dismantle and reassemble, even in the same configuration. In addition, extra panels and parts are difficult to find for used workstations.

In addition to systems furnishings, 1 Source specifies and sells quality desks (case goods), ergonomic seating, lounge furnishings, reception and conference furniture. While Baltimore office furnishings dealers focus on high-end brands, 1 Source specializes in mid-priced lines by major manufacturers so buyers get more for their office furniture budgets.

1 Source Office Furniture celebrates nine years in business. The company offers complimentary space planning, two- and three-dimensional drawings, and design consultation so that clients can visualize how their selections will look, feel and function in the office.

For more information contact: mrosen1source@gmail.com