tuxedo desk, Millersville refresh, executive desk, contemporary deskIn many industries today, business owners compete to hire the best and brightest candidates. The pandemic changed the business landscape, and more and more workers are working from home. With this in mind, CEOs are upgrading their offices with new, comfortable office furnishings and smartly designed offices that attract new hires.

For employees who have a choice to work at the office or remotely, there is added pressure on business owners to create offices that attract and keep good employees. Lounge and collaborative areas are a must. New task chairs with advanced comfort technology are also vital to creating a better, well-designed office environment. See more seating options here. Contemporary desks in soft, neutral wood tones also help to improve the office interior so that it feels more inviting and relaxed.

Throughout 2022, office furniture customers favor contemporary styles and neutral wood tones rather than a traditional motif. Informal lounge areas are also popular place in which to catch up or brainstorm ideas for a project. 1 Source also recommends tall collaborative tables with stools in meeting areas with audio visual as an alternative to the usual boardroom table.

“Many business owners are opting to renovate their offices with timeless style that makes everyone feel at home,” explains Laurie Rosen, Vice President. She adds, “If they don’t have a space that is comfortable for employees and clients, then it’s a good idea to find a new office space and start fresh.

Maryland Office Refresh

This client has many satellite offices and asked us to refresh his Millersville, Maryland location with new modern desks, smart storage, and comfortable seating. This new office location also required workstations that would continue the look of a contemporary, open workspace. 1 Source provided workstations which allow teams members in sales, customer service, accounting etc. to have privacy with panels at 53 inches height.  Office managers typically want their staff to have “seated privacy,” which means there is some privacy, while maintaining a bright, light-filled space. See More Workstations

For this office redesign, 1 Source Office Furniture’s team chose a smartly designed desk in a light grey wood laminate. This desk has a high price look at a modest price. In its construction, there are no wasted panels because the storage file pedestals serve as the support for its desktop. A bow front and plexiglass modesty panel create a contemporary and executive class look for any private office.

“This desk suits what many office furniture buyers look for: Value, quality, and contemporary style,” states Marc Rosen, president of 1 Source Office Furniture. “While every office we furnish in Maryland is unique and reflects the personality of its owner, my job is to have the office furnishings products and design solutions that reinvigorate a workplace,” Rosen adds.

1 Source Office Furniture specializes in mid-priced office furnishings for growing businesses.

Remember, 1 Source is able to furnish offices here in Maryland and across the United States through our affiliate installers.  Call (410)-978-6500 for more information.